• Amy

    “Very informative, up to date information given in a relaxed setting at home. Sharyn explained everything so well in easy to understand language. A must for all parents.”

  • Hugo, Dad and Dad to be again!

    Sally was fantastic! Very knowledgeable, engaging and above all passionate about children.
    Her advice was tailored and very clear.

  • Kelly, Mum

    Extremely helpful. Sally was patient and understood our needs as mothers.
    I now feel confident to tackle anything!

  • Jacinta, Mum

    Fantastic! Your experience shines through with all your knowledge. I feel like you have opened my eyes and mind to so much more than I expected. Thank you! I could have kept listening to you…so interesting!

  • Esther, Mum

    Sharyn is warm, friendly and inspired confidence. The course is excellent. I wish they taught this class before you took your baby home from hospital. Sharyn is a wondeful teacher, first class!

  • Beverly, Mum

    The class provided excellent, practical and useful advice about how to make your home safe, respond to emergencies and keep calm. Sharyn is knowledgeable, warm and reassuring.

  • Aisling, Mum

    I found Sharyn to be an efficient, informative and simple trainer. Most helpful was the information on how to act when a child is choking, the difference between babies to children with CPR and introducing foods before 12 months. Overall I found Sharyn's way of teaching very easy to understand, and it has made me feel an awful lot more confident. I would absolutley recommend family or friends expecting or who already have a young family to come along to one of the My Baby Basics classes!