Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive certification for first aid and CPR at the end of a training session?
  • In-home and public group classes: No, you will not receive a formal certification from attending the class. We do observe and assess all techniques within the class however, formal assessments are required in order to provide certifcation. We would rather spend more time with families covering a wider range of first aid topics than spending time to assess your skills to provide a certificate. Attendance certificates are available upon request.
Do we come to you?

The best part is that My Baby Basics comes to you! Ideally in a home venue of your choice, relaxed and casual, ready to learn!

If you don't want the hassle of having people to your home, you're welcome to come along to one of our public group classes.

Can I bring my children?

Our goal is to be as family friendly as possible. Young, immobile or sleeping babies are best to help you concentrate and participate! We suggest for those who have older babies who are crawling or toddling to either arrange a time slot during nap time, evening time or, when someone else is able to care for them for you. Your child can still be there with you at home, you just may need someone to chase after them so you don't miss out! If you have a mothers' group where most babies are crawling or rolling, plan it for their best awake time and we will cover as much as we can while the babies are happy! Older children aged 12-14 years are most welcome to sit and listen or, even join in as one of the active participants!

Can our mothers' group book?

Yes! We are more than happy to provide sessions not just for families but, for groups of mums or even groups of dads (or a mix!). Be sure to choose a location that can accommodate a few prams!

Will we have an exam?
  • Private in-home and public group classes: No! My Baby Basics aims to present all the education in the most relaxed way possible. For most people, exams are not seen to be relaxing!
Why are the class sizes small?

We want to make every learning experience the very best possible! Keeping classes small ensures all participants are receiving optimal attention and that skills taught are being learnt well.

Can we do this class if we are expecting a baby?

Absolutely! We highly recommend attending a class prior to the birth of your baby. Babies are tiring and time consuming so, if you have some free time before bub arrives, we would love to meet you. We recommend attending a class before you become too heavily pregnant as the practical component involves getting down on the ground.

I have toddler aged children and no longer have small babies, is this class still relevant to me?

Yes! We cover first aid and CPR for babies and children. We will cover the baby side of things however, we focus more on the items that are most relevant to your child/children.

We are grandparents (or, about to become grandparents!), can we attend a class?

We often have grandparents in our classes. We highly recommend grandparents coming along to a class as you will be in the child's life regularly - maybe even more if/when the parents return to work or need a break. If you have any injuries or illnesses that may impact your ability to get down on the ground for the practical component, please let us know and we can teach you some alternatives.

Can we have a private class with more than 8 people?

Yes! We often teach larger groups but we just need to make sure there is adequate space prior to booking. The cost of the class will also be varied depending on the total number of people within your class booking. Please contact us for a quote.

What days and times of the week can we book a private in-home class?

We try our best to find a day and time that best suits your group. We are available as early as 9am and have flexible start times throughout the morning and afternoon. Our latest evening start time is 6pm, any later and we may all get a little sleepy towards the end of the evening! 

When you contact us simply let us know your preferred day/s of the week and start time/s, we can check our availability for you. We are also able to teach on the weekends however, we may have slightly less availability for weekend classes.